We are so happy you're here!

My name is Alexandra, and I am the founder and owner of Nuffin. I have always loved dogs. I begged my parents for a dog for years. We got our first puppy when I was eight. I'm sure many dog owners would agree, the bond you share with your pup is like nothing else. They give you so much, without even knowing it. He quickly became my world.

Fast forward a few years. In the fall of 2022, my partner and I decided it was time we get our first dog together. Of course we wanted to make his transition into our home and our lives as smooth as possible. So we did our research, purchased everything we thought he needed including a generic pet store collar, and finally brought him home. We put his tiny collar on with his name tag. He hated wearing it. He scratched and chewed at it, not unusual behavior considering there was now something around his neck where there wasn't before. But this got me thinking - he will be wearing a collar everyday for the rest of his life and it is essentially a piece of nylon rope. So I made him a collar myself, with the idea that it should be as comfortable, stylish, and practical as a piece of clothing I would wear. And so Nuffin was born!

All of our collars are made from premium fabrics, feature a comfortable, breathable, and water-resistant fleece lining to reduce chances of irritation to the delicate neck area, are simple and timeless in design, and not to mention are fully machine washable!

The brand has since expanded to include bandanas and dog waste bag holders, with plans to continue expanding the product lineup in the future!

We hope our products bring both you and your pup a little bit of joy.

With love, 

Alex + Baxter